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My Areas of Expertise in Nonprofits

Jennifer offers a boutique of diverse services to include organizational development, fundraising, board development and oversight, grant writing, community awareness, outcomes management, executive leadership, and nonprofit startup to help organizations reach their goals.


Learn how to become a sustainable and fully funded nonprofit—no matter what your budget is.

Grant Writing

Write a winning grant proposal that’s sure to be accepted and get grant funding for your nonprofit programs.

Nonprofit Startup

Starting a nonprofit doesn’t have to be difficult when you have the right knowledge and resources.

Board Training and Development

Build a reliable, engaged, and formidable board and turn your members into fundraising superheroes.

Social Media and Online Presence

Online is where the donors, volunteers, and grants are. Reach more people by creating an online presence.

Volunteer Programs

Volunteers lighten the workload and give your nonprofit more impact. Learn how to make programs that turn volunteers into loyal donors.

Nonprofit Staffing

You don’t need a lot of staff in your organization; you need the right ones who can help you propel your nonprofit to success.

Donor Acquisition and Retention

If funds are your organization’s blood, then donors are your bloodline. Get more donors that keep on giving after the first gift.

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